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Common Signs of Transmission Failure

Many signs indicate the transmission in your Ford vehicle is failing. If you notice the signs of transmission trouble, it’s essential to schedule service with a reputable repairman as soon as possible. Without proper repair, transmission problems cause your vehicle to malfunction, if it operates at all. Ignoring the warning signs of trouble also increases the costs for a repair.

Signs of Trouble

Pay attention to your Ford. Heed any of the warning signs of trouble listed below.

ford powerstroke transmission

·    Leaks: One of the most common transmission problems is fluid leaks. When you notice dark red or pink colored liquid underneath the car, its likely fluid from the transmission.

·    Engine Light: Check the dashboard lights. Is the check transmission light on? If so, it’s’ time to find out what’s causing trouble, since this is the first indication of a problem for many drivers.

·    Delayed Engagement: Delayed engagement occurs if the vehicle is put into gear but doesn’t automatically change gears. It happens any time but is more common during the mornings when it’s cold outside.

·    Slipping: If your motor revs but the vehicle doesn’t move into gear, it’s a problem known as slipping and is most often related to a transmission problem. This is a warning sign that should never be ignored.

·    Burnt Odor Smell: That horrible burnt odor you smell every time you turn on the car isn’t normal and indicates there is a problem on the horizon. If you notice such a smell, it’s time to schedule an appointment with the mechanic.

The signs above are among the many that indicate possible ford powerstroke transmission failure. Don’t risk causing more trouble to your vehicle when the signs indicate a possible failure and get the vehicle to a repairman as soon as you can.